Meet The Team

We bring you experience, passion and expertise.

The Cingulate team led by Sabine Raves is a multi- talented, group of professionals who are dedicated to delivering optimal service. We have extensive general marketing and advertising experience. From Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Retail and Business to Business.

We do it all!

We live our values of integrity; open, honest communications with our clients; and never-say-die determination to give you the best solutions to your marketing challenges.




Who We Are

Sabine, our head honcho, was one of the first marketers in the country to develop direct-to-consumer healthcare campaigns for prescription brands and in-store pharmacy promotions for pharmaceutical companies. She brings drive, direction and boundless marketing passion to Cingulate.

Sabine’s the master relationship-builder: Charming, warm and ever-helpful, her vast experience and expertise allow her to create fresh, insightful strategies that always find the best fit with our client’s needs.

Sabine harnesses her considerable business management experience as well as her strategic, marketing and Healthcare know-how, to drive impactful, meaningful campaigns that build your brand and give you the maximum return on your investment.

Client Services Director

Operations/Digital Manager

Client Services Executive

Client Services Manager

Client Services Manager

Production Manager

Senior Creative Designer

Creative Director


So what sort of name is “Cingulate”?

It’s quite clever, actually. It comes from the cingulate cortex, that part of the human brain that controls rational and emotional functions.

Because consumers are human, they buy for both rational and emotional reasons. That’s why great communications appeal to both the heart and the mind.

We believe that Emotion + Reason = Sales

We harness the logic and coherence of a sound strategy and balance it with the emotional power of breakthrough creative work … We find the synergy between the precision and focus of efficient project management and the thrilling impact of seamlessly integrated communications.

Told you it was clever !!!

Client Testimonial

Cingulate is really on top of everything. They are proactive, organised and revert quickly.



They have good ideas and the skilful way in which they manage projects is what differentiates them.



What differentiates Cingulate is their fresh approach and quick turnaround time – they come up with new and exciting concepts that capture the brand essence.



Cingulate saves me money and always adds value to my campaigns.



The Cingulate team is on top of their game.  They have good ideas and the skilful way in which they manage projects is what differentiates them.  They’re working with me on the launch of my new product, assisting with advertorials and creating advertising, support materials and patient starter kits.


Cingulate has been involved in two firsts for my brand – a direct to consumer campaign using TV advertising and the launch of a Facebook social media page.  I’ve found the agency very helpful in providing guidance on how to manage the detail of these two initiatives.


I consulted on a product portfolio and Cingulate provided a full roll out campaign, including everything from literature to above and below-the-line elements.  I’ve found the agency team enjoyable to work with and dedicated.  They find a way to give me what I am looking for.


What differentiates Cingulate is their fresh approach and quick turnaround time – they come up with new and exciting concepts that capture the brand essence. Cingulate understands the industry and works within the regulatory requirements. Cingulate has helped me to re-brand my portfolio, resulting in a very fresh, modern and captivating look and feel.”


I’ve worked with Cingulate for close on 10 years and find them very professional.  They have extensive knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry, particularly from a brand marketing perspective.  They developed and managed my brand campaigns for me and over the past 6 years, the brand has grown exponentially. 

I like the fact that Cingulate is a small company – they pay a lot of attention to detail and they give my brand the required focus.” 


I have worked with the team at Cingulate on numerous brands within my portfolio. Cingulate is a full-service agency that is not only flexible, efficient and professional but a team that really cares about delivering results. With the ability to translate a small concept into a fully realised project, I am always amazed by their attention to detail and quick turnaround.  Even once projects are completed, we still feel supported by Cingulate in continuing to build our business.


My experience with Cingulate has been pleasant and supportive.  They are always friendly and prepared to get their hands dirty.  They work on my product portfolio and have done really good work in creating an educational campaign.  Cingulate is committed and when something is urgent, they go out of their way to deliver what’s needed.


I’ve worked with Cingulate for the past 10 years and because of their professionalism and timeous delivery, as I’ve moved companies, I’ve continued to utilise the agency’s services.  They are very resourceful, always finding a way to deliver for me and in a crisis; I can rely on Cingulate’s quick turnaround. 

All the Cingulate personnel are very pleasant, from the lady who answers the phone through to the production team, who are always well informed about my projects and can assist me at any time. 


When I joined a company the pressure was on to launch a new product.  Cingulate had already developed a detailed launch plan and they assisted me to implement all aspects of it, from an eDetailer and booklets for doctors and patients, to advertising in medical journals.


Cingulate devised a very innovative scratch card campaign targeted Neurologists. The results so impressed our Portuguese colleagues that they requested the artwork for implementation in their own country. 

What I really like about Cingulate are their exciting concepts and, unlike many other agencies, they provide weekly status reports. Their turnaround time on projects is really quick.


It’s a pleasure to work with Cingulate as they are really on top of everything.  They are proactive, organised and revert quickly.  Cingulate has managed a launch and maintenance campaign for me.  This involved everything from developing creative to recommending media.  I’ve been very impressed.


Cingulate devised an information service to support Healthcare professionals. We’re getting positive feedback as the doctors find the information worthwhile and they’re able to score points on their CPD education.  It’s also helping our representatives build relationships with their doctors. 

Cingulate is professional – they know the pharmaceutical industry and how to market effectively within it.  Efficiency is their differentiator.


Cingulate has been by my side for the past 10 years and have assisted me in launching and growing my brand portfolio.  My first launched brand became the market leader soon after its introduction, and the second is growing fast, already in the top 5.  The creative insight shown by Cingulate is one of the attributes I really like about this agency: they understand what I want from a design perspective.  They are meticulous when it comes to paying attention to the finer details.


Their input is phenomenal and their turnaround time is amazing!  I find Cingulate always willing to adapt and assist – you can make a change half way through campaign preparation and they will implement it. 

Once I brief Cingulate, I don’t have to follow up with them – they always meet my deadline.